Saturday, 27 August 2011


Sonia to Rahul-
Rahul Baba Rahul Baba
Where is the looted money?

Rahul to Sonia-
Mumma I have transferred it in swiss bank
Don’t worry “All BAGS WERE FULL

Sonia Again To Rahul-
Son, Indians have started the revolution and I am scared
Our gibberish and unwise strategies are talk of town
I believe it is time to pack the bags and put off the veil
Otherwise tickets to fly back will also not be spared
Son I am really scared of the Indian’s donkey rides
As our black acts have seen the light of day
They have come to know about our mean intentions
We are not Indians by heart and just pretend
 I underrated the strength of Indians as well as trust
The saga of our grim acts is now mushroomed worldwide
The angst of Indians have spilled beans on my dream creations
Let’s pack the bags as Indians are once again on the path of remonstration
Anna Hazare in guise of Gandhi is teaching them to peacefully fight for independence

Rahul Again To Sonia-
Yes Mumma you are absolutely right
Let’s run away back to Italy by the first available flight
Indians have seen my true face and will never make me PM
Neither can I keep a girlfriend here nor any girl ready for nuptials
With incalculable looted amount another Italy can be built up
Our coming generations can sleep with full rest
Indians have now danced enough to our tunes
We have fooled them ample when they gave us governance
But now our days of tyrant have come to an end
Our foolish acts have made us laughing stock at end
As now we are not left with any self-respect and pride

Let’s take a wise decision to return

Before Indians put us behind bars and make us homeless! :D

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

क्रांती आई है - श्री अन्ना हजारे को समर्पित

क्रांती की एक ऐसी लहर आई है
वर्षों की सोई हुई चेतना में
देखो आज प्राणप्रतिष्ठा लौट आई है  
जन जन जागृत हुआ है, सबमें ऊर्जा आई है
क्या गाँव क्या शहर
क्रांती का देखो अनोखा स्वरुप
अब तो गली चौबारों में, ये क्रांती रंग लायी है

सशक्त भारत का निर्माण हो
भर्ष्टाचार की बेड़ियों से भारतवर्ष आज़ाद हो
नहीं जाने देंगे वीरों की कुर्बानियां व्यर्थ
हम करेंगे वीरों का स्वप्न सच
देखो भारतवासियों का अनोखा मिलन
क्रांती का ऐसा दीप किया है प्रज्जवलित
क्रांती की नयी सुबह आई है

इस क्रांती में है अपार शक्ती
देखो कैसे जागृत कर दी है देशभक्ती
बस अब हम और नहीं सह सकते
यूँ चुप नहीं रह सकते
अंतरात्मा करती है प्रश्न हज़ार
भारतवासियों ने एकता की अटल आवाज़ लगायी है
देखो ये क्रांती रंग लायी है

इस क्रांती में सच की शक्ती है
देश पे मर मिटने वाले वीरों की अजब भक्ती है
रोक ना सकेंगे दुश्मनों के व्यर्थ आर्थक प्रयास
नारों में है रघुपति राघव की अजब मिठास
बुझने से नहीं बुझेगी क्रांती की ये आग
क्यूंकि इस क्रांती में है अहिंसा का प्रभाव
मेरे देशवासियों की आत्मा और विश्वास!!!!

वन्दे मातरम्!!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


We have crossed the journey of 65 years
We were liberated and now on the hilt to be next superpower
Worldwide bows to our culture and believe we are the best
Expeditious in rat race we parted with basic humility and peace behind
It is time to wake up and assess ourselves for the REST

We have erected the highest skyscrapers in smallest of towns
In the process torn apart the exquisiteness of scenic beauty spread around
We are proud to have the richest capitalist throughout the world
They boast off to own the costliest edifice in the hub of slum
Do they ever think of millions homeless sleeping on same road every night?

We were and will forever be the land of splendid riches and fortunes
Though opponents tried to plunder us in their realm for years
I believe the trace of plundering is left in our ministers today
Land of farmers’ feel deep shame to still comprise millions unfed every day
Can we do something for millions still living below the poverty line?

We talk heaven on earth is only here and will nowhere to be found
Just go once and look at the scars on soul of J&K so profound
Its ironical heaven on earth doesn’t sleep peacefully even for a day
I pay homage and salute to my brave soldiers who fight to protect it everyday
Are our ministers serious to solve the canny spread around?

We take pride to say NASA has utmost of Indian brains
We stand tall to talk about the highest % of educated youth as par toll
It is time we sneak a peek in the pathetic education system we follow
I deny the need of corrosive reservation system against grades
Have ministers justified the future after education for youth to chase?
We carry the "Golden Bird" title in our crown
It’s ironical to see common people suffer for normal daily chores unbound
Farmers who feed the billions are still deprived of basic amenities
My heart is dismayed to see the number of suicides escalating
What kind of development ministers boast on their sleeves? 

Though we talk about independence today as untrue and hollow as true
It is one more D-day to sing patriotic songs and forget what we go through
Till we dig our souls to pay attention and not just blindly follow
The grim issues deep rooted in our system that for years we have ingest
Time for Indian youth to get up and solve without any hesitation

Its time not INDIA but every INDIAN feel the heat of liberation!!!- TIME TO CHANGE INDIA